For the longest time gutter mesh and toppers were the solution to homeowner’s clogged and overflowing gutter problems. Still, over time these meshes and toppers allow debris to seep through and cause a clogged gutter. 

The question still arises to homeowners all over, are gutter guards worth the investment? The clear answer is yes, and here is why:

Benefits of Gutter Guards

  •  A clog-free gutter system
  • Deters pests from getting up the gutter system 
  • Less maintenance and cleaning
  • Improved aesthetics 
  • Less weight on the fascia compared to a clogged gutter

Clogged gutters can offer a breeding ground for various insects including mosquitoes as they hatch in standing water which would be the ideal spot for the hatching of thousands of mosquitoes. This of course is something that no homeowner wants floating over their heads as soon as they walk out. 

You may be wondering what it looks like for homeowners who chose the right option. Below you will find a side-by-side comparison of how even after 20 years. KGuard gutter systems leave an almost spotless inside where the standard mesh tops to gutters pile up debris which potentially will damage your home. 

Gutter guards offer prevention to potentially hazardous areas while giving your home the protection, and aesthetics that you wish for. Contact KGuard today to schedule your free annual gutter inspection by clicking here!