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The ultimate defense against clogged gutters – guaranteed!

KGuard® Leaf Free Gutter Guards Lifetime No Clog Warranty

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Service Areas

The ultimate defense against clogged gutters – guaranteed!

KGuard® Leaf Free Gutter Guards Lifetime No Clog Warranty

616-821-3378Free Estimate

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About Us

Water damage resulting from inadequate gutters is no small issue for homeowners throughout Grand Rapids; fortunately. KGuard of West Michigan provides expert services comprising seamless installation options,reliable maintenance solutions,and professional replacements! Our attention to detail approach prevents potential harm from rainfall induced damages by redirecting water away from rooftops,sidings,internal walls,and structural foundations. Our highly skilled experts possess a wealth of expertise and we understand the unique needs of our clients in this region. As a local company Gutter Grand Rapids is here to help protect you and your property by delivering top notch results every time you rely on us for gutter servicing.

Our professionals have many years of combined experience and credibility in each of these areas. We know the people and we know how to take care of them. KGuard is the trusted, local expert in gutter services for these areas!


Where do we work?

Here are some of the main areas that we serve

Grand Rapids

Located along the Grand River, east of Lake Michigan, sits the growing city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This city has a lot to offer its residents from the Grand Rapids Art Museum to the many breweries that dot the city. We’re proud to serve the residents of this great city!


Holland is a beautiful city located on the shores of Lake Macatawa, Michigan. This amazing city is full of picturesque sights from the highly-photographed Big Red Lighthouse to the Holland State Park and Windmill Island Gardens. We can’t wait to help serve the citizens of this wonderful city!


Lansing is the capital city of Michigan and has plenty to offer its residents. The locals of Lansing can spend the day at the Impression 5 Science Center, R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, and the Potter Park Zoo! We’re happy to help the residents of Lansing with our gutter services

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Kalamazoo is a city located in southern Michigan. There’s always something to do in Kalamazoo! From the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and Air Zoo Museum, you should never be bored here! We’re excited to offer services to the people of this beautiful city!

Grand Haven

On the eastern shore of Lake Michigan lies the city of Grand Haven. This lovely city is known for its sandy beaches, business-lined boardwalk that runs along the harbor to Grand Haven State Park beach, and the 1839 Grand Haven Lighthouse. Our professionals are waiting to help the locals of Grand Haven!


Roughly 15 miles from downtown Grand Rapids, you’ll find the city of Rockford. Rockford is known for its small-town charm and atmosphere. There are plenty of nearby lakes, trails, parks, and golf courses for the people of Rockford to enjoy in this family-oriented city. We offer all of our services to this small city!