If you’re a DIY buff you may think you can take on any project in your home no matter the size. Trust us when we say your gutters are something you want to leave to a professional. Here’s why:

Without the necessary tools for this job, it may be dangerous for you as a homeowner to climb up to your roof. You will want to ask yourself, do I have a ladder tall enough to reach? Because you won’t want to be standing at the very top on your toes trying to install these gutters. Don’t forget about a measuring tape, a drill powerful enough, and the right-sized screws for the job. Often, DIYers are using the wrong equipment or tools which could easily affect the job overall. 

Even if you do have all the tools to perform the job, most homeowners fail to know the proper slope in which to install the gutters to ensure the water flows in the right direction. Not only the slope but the direction in which the downspouts are supposed to face. This may seem tedious but it could be the difference in harming your home’s foundation.

Don’t forget about safety! This installation can be dangerous for many especially those who aren’t experienced. One wrong step or misstep could lead to a fall causing serious injury. Don’t make the mistake, leave this job to the professionals.

The experienced professionals at KGuard of West Michigan are trained and are experts in the installation of gutters. Leave it to them to ensure your gutters are being installed properly and safely without having to worry about doing it yourself. 

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