Around 14,000 people in the U.S. are affected by water damage daily with the average insurance payout for water damage being $11,605 according to Water Damage Statistics by RubyHome (2024). 

Gutters are meant to direct the flow of rainwater away from the exterior of your home, ensuring that your home’s basement stays water-free. Without the right gutter system, water that runs off your roof from rainstorms or melting snow will flow against or build up against your home foundation over time the moisture from the water will get into your foundation causing expensive water damage repairs needed to your home. 

Even with gutters on your home, buildup from debris can cause these gutters to overflow which then allows this water to build up against your foundation. This brings us to the question, how often do I need to clean my gutters? Well, this depends – is your home surrounded by trees that can cause significant buildup within your gutters? Are your gutters sagging often, pulling the gutters down and away from your home’s exterior? 

There are many things to consider when asked how often you should clean your gutters but it is important to take actionable steps to mitigate water damage to your home’s foundation which sets many Americans behind on their bills.

Choosing the right gutter system is important as well. Many homeowners opt out of gutter toppers or gutter guards on their homes to save on material costs but this actually costs them more down the road, especially for those with trees surrounding their homes. Even then, gutter guards or toppers do not completely stop debris from getting into the gutters, ultimately clogging them up. 

When it comes to K-Guard of West Michigan, our patented gutter system is not an out-of-the-box gutter as you see at most other companies, instead, these are made right in your driveway for a perfect fit to the home exterior with a one-piece system that keeps all debris out of the gutter ensuring a clog-free system 

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