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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about gutter repair, installation or cleaning before you make the call? Well, down below, you will find a few common questions we receive from clients – and our answers!

What Does It Cost to Install Gutters?

The average cost to install galvanized or aluminum gutters is roughly $4 to $9 per linear foot. There are also vinyl gutters which are much simpler to install, and which run at approximately $3 to $5 per linear foot. Seamless gutter prices can vary from $6 to $35 per foot depending on the material. The average cost of gutter guards is $7.50 and $10 per linear foot installed, though more complex gutter guard systems will be more expensive.

How Do You Know When You Need New Gutters?

Individual cracks may be repaired, but extensive cracking is a reason to consider a replacement. Leaks and separation of gutter seams are another reason to opt for a replacement, preferrable a seamless one. Check your exterior siding for any paint that has bubbled up or peeled away due to excess moisture, if it’s below a failing gutter, it may be time to replace. If signs of mold or rotting have surfaced on the outside of your home and beneath faulty gutters, you should consider a replacement as well.

What Type of Gutters Are Best?

Vinyl and aluminum gutters are recognized as two of the best types of gutters available. They are cost-efficient, meaning that for what they cost, they compensate for it based on well and how long they perform. These gutters are not overly expensive as it stands though. Stainless steel gutters are another excellent choice, however, they are much more expensive than the alternatives.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

The responsibility most frequently related to gutters is, of course, cleaning them. Removing debris like leaves and twigs out of your gutter is highly important. A clogged gutter can cause damage to your roof or a leak inside of your home anytime it rains. Not to mention, it can be a fire hazard during dry weather. It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. You may need to clean them more often if your gutters are positioned close to trees or after a heavy storm. If you’re seeking a professional to do the job, the average cost to clean gutters and downspouts is $145.

Why do I need Gutters

Gutters are a crucial part of any home. The main job of a gutter system is to keep rainwater away from the exterior of your home and the foundation as it runs off of your roof. Gutters will protect your roof, siding, and the foundation of your home from soil erosion and water damage. In many places, a gutter system is required to keep your home up to code. Gutters are an investment in the future of your home and will play a pivotal role in your home’s longevity.

Why do I need downspouts?

Rain gutters without downspouts defeat the purpose of having gutters at all. Without downspouts, your home will be subjected to many of the same problems that it would if you didn’t have any type of gutter system. Downspouts are attached to the corners of your home and are used to transfer the water from your gutters to the drainage location that was selected. The amounts and locations of downspouts will be unique to each job. They are required to create a tight drainage system that doesn’t leak.

How many downspouts do my gutters need?

Downspouts will help to direct the flow of rainwater away from your home quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, a downspout should be added about every 20 or 30 feet of the gutter. However, depending on the slope of your roof and your home’s rooflines, you may need more to control the flow of water. If your area is prone to heavy rainfall, we may also decide to add downspouts on each of a gutter run, even if it’s only around 20 feet.

What is the best material for gutters?

The most popular material for gutters is typically aluminum. Seamless aluminum gutters to be exact. Aluminum gutters are available in numerous color options and will last for years before they start to rust. Aluminum also affords homeowners with the lowest annual costs of any gutter material. Other gutter materials include copper and galvanized steel. Copper lasts longer than many other materials; however, it’s also the most expensive. Galvanized steel can withstand almost any weather conditions but it requires more maintenance than the other materials and comes in fewer colors. The least expensive material is vinyl, though it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the other materials.

Why should I replace my gutters?

There are several reasons that can come up to replace your gutters. If your gutters are leaking or holding water, they can lead to problems for your home. Old gutters may not be draining properly or could be pulling away from your home. Some older gutters that are bent cannot be repaired, which can cause clogs and other drainage problems. Of course, you may just want to replace your gutters for aesthetic reasons to match the style and color of your home.

How will I know if my gutters aren’t working?

Unless you’re seeing the damage after it’s already too late, it’s easy to forget about your gutters. One of the best ways to know if your gutters working properly is to do an inspection. The simplest thing to do is to check your gutters after you’ve just cleaned them. Inspect your downspouts and seams, if applicable, for separation or cracking. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are all aligned. Another sign that your gutters may not be working is if you notice peeling paint on the exterior of your home. If you see that something seems wrong or out of place, give us a call right away!

How long will my new gutters last?

When your gutters are properly installed and maintained, the typical aluminum gutters should last for around 20 years before needing to be replaced. If you have gutter guards, like K-guard gutters, then your gutters will last roughly 20 years with little to no maintenance. Copper gutters are the longest lasting systems available. Most copper gutters can last as long as 50 years before requiring a replacement. However, they are also the most expensive gutters available as well.

How much does it cost to have gutters installed?

If you’re thinking about having a new gutter system installed or replacing your old system, there a couple of factors that go into calculating the cost. The price is dependant on the material you choose for your gutters to be made from and how many feet of guttering your home will require. The average cost to install an aluminum gutter system with downspouts is roughly $850, with the majority of homeowners spending anywhere between $ 650 and $950 for installation.

Why should I use a gutter guard system like K-guard Gutters?

Gutter guards are an invaluable resource when it comes to your gutters. These systems allow rainwater to flow into your gutters while preventing debris, such as leaves or twigs, from clogging up your gutters. K-guard gutters will eliminate the need for the dangerous task of climbing the ladder to your gutters twice a year. If you pay for a professional gutter cleaning you’ll save hundreds of dollars over time by not having to hire anyone to clean your gutters out. Not to mention, by having this type of gutter system your gutters will last for decades with little to no maintenance at all!

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Solution We Provide

The K-Guard Solution Grand Rapids

Gutters protect your home from water damage by collecting rainwater from your roof and channeling it away from your home’s foundation, driveway, and porches. Traditional, open-top gutters also collect leaves and debris. This causes the gutters to clog, leading to ineffective water drainage and potentially severe damage to your home.

Clogged gutters can cause widespread damage to your home’s foundation and roof, as well as water staining, rotting fascia board, and even mold. Without leaf-free gutters, you’ll have to continually risk climbing a ladder for gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, and to fix any drainage issues.

K-Guard gutters are completely engineered, fully integrated, and seamless leaf-free gutters. No other gutter protection system can offer the strength, durability, capacity, & attractiveness of K-Guard.

The K-Guard system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers. Made from strong, all-weather

polymers and set every 24 inches inside the gutter guards, these hangers fully support the hood and keep the gutter from sagging, or in any way losing its form.

The life span of the K-Guard™ gutter system is unlimited. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the base material will not corrode. The coatings on the gutter and hood will last a lifetime, and the patented hangers give our gutters the strength to withstand any weather condition.
Because our leaf-free gutter system is 40% bigger than leaf guard gutters, our system is able to handle more water. Since our gutters accommodate the larger, oversized 3×4-inch downspouts, The K-Guard™ gutter is able to get water further away from your home’s foundation.

The smooth, curved design of the K-Guard™ Gutter System adds curb appeal to any home. It strongly resembles the look of crown molding. This is in contrast to the sharp corners and vertical faces of most gutter systems.

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