Often overlooked, gutters protect your home from various damages whether it’s landscaping damage to your property or foundational damage to the house, it is essential to understand the risks that come with not having the right gutter system. 

Having old or not having gutters at all may lead to structural damage, water damage, flooding basements, or erosion. Read more to understand the risk – 

“Your gutters play a major role in protecting your home from significant and expensive damage” 

– KGuard of West Michigan

Structural Damage

While the gutter system is meant to redirect the flow of rainwater from a safe distance from the foundation of your home, clogged gutters can cause overflow which could potentially ruin your home’s exterior. These damages could include wooden components of the home’s exterior such as doors, windows, or columns. 

Water Damage

Fascia boards are meant to hold your gutters in place but when filled with leaves, and other debris, water can end up in the facia. Eventually, the facia boards will rot if these old gutters are not replaced. Waiting to replace your gutters until rotting appears, your gutters can start pulling away from the home causing a complete collapse and leaving more of a mess. 

Flooding Basement

Heavy downpours may cause overflowing water from your gutters which could then end up in your basement. Without a constant flow of water, this water leaking into your basement can cause the basement to grow mold or the basement contents. Mold releases spores that trigger certain allergic reactions and is harmful to those occupying the home. 


All the work being put into your garden this spring could be a wasted effort without the proper gutter system. Old or clogged gutters can saturate your garden with rainwater causing plants and other garden contents to be destroyed. Waiting any longer to replace your gutters, increases your risk of erosion. 

Whether you are renovating your home or building your first, taking these risks into consideration, and investing in a reliable gutter system may just save you in the future. Save money and eliminate the risk by choosing KGuard for your gutter systems. Contact KGuard today to schedule your free annual gutter inspection by clicking here!